• Aki

Abandoned City

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Abandoned City: Feet, facesitting, death kiss, life drain, dry hump


except for the fact that he makes great femdom games!

I once got the chance to talk to zGreatMagician, so I asked him how he made his games and what he used. His reply was that he used RPG Maker MV, and that the sprites used in the game were models ripped from the DOA series.

Regardless of how it was made, it goes without saying that his games are very very nice, and definitely worth a play.



Death animation all most characters

• Variety of femdom: feet, headscissor, facesitting

• Good quality graphics - even some animation!


Some death animations are bugged

• No extreme femdom or nudity ( for those who prefer it)

• Struggle mechanic could be better