• Aki

Succubus Affection サキュバスアフェクション

Succubus Affection: paizuri, sex, masturbation, feet, magic, life drain, struggle


That tagline I just wrote above... I definitely missed out a few categories - because there are so many!

A new title to come out from Zell, Succubus Affection does not disappoint.

Like his Zell's previous titles, Succubus Affection is a side-scrolling action platformer where you try to get the girls before they get you. The difference in this case is that when we "get the girls" we don't mean whack them with a sword 'till they disappear into thin air. Just like in Pokemon, you hit the girls until they're weakened, but then, instead of throwing a Pokeball, you throw your own balls right in their face and get a nice unique animation along with it. Afterwards you get to keep your new friend too.

Besides the ability to capture monstergirls (or rather "befriend" them), combat, platforming and struggling are very fluid too. The game has clearly been programmed with great care, since FPS is solid, movement is smooth, and combat offers a large variety of options and skills you can use. These skills are both attacking: ranged attacks, heavy slashes, ranged slashes and a laser beam. But they are also defensive: evasion and shielding.

This leads me on to one of the most interesting parts of the game, and that may be the way it handles immersion. I played the first bit of the game in Japanese so I lost the plot a bit but I think this is how it goes: you live in a house with a few girls, including a witch as you can expect, and you need to do some questing. Maybe I am oversimplifying it, or maybe I am clueless, but I really liked the atmosphere. Imagine this: you wake up in a house full of girls, you're taught how to fight by them at the beginning, then you can help around, collect vegetables or items (yes, there is crafting, ability upgrades and a full shop where you can sell items you gained) and even fuck them If you play your cards right!

I won't say which though, you'll have to play the game to find out.

I really enjoyed Succubus Affection. The only let-down for me was how long the game took to load, which was a bit annoying at times. Once you were playing though there were no issues. Another thing worth noting is as of writing this, there is no English translation. There will be one soon, and the game will be available on steam. But if you are desperate, here is a third-party link (use at your own risk) containing the game and translation. Please only download it if you have already bought the game. Buying games ensures creators such as myself have enough ramen to last us through the winter!