• Aki


SHRIFT: footjob, paizuri, life drain, mind control, vore, sex


SHRIFT is certainly one of the more unique femdom games I think I have ever played and enjoyed.

It's obvious at first sight that this game was not made with the highest budget in the world, nor does it have to be. In fact the lack of "beautifully animated" 4K images probably allowed the developers to dedicate more time and resources to programming (which is really harder than you'd think) and the overall theme and gameplay of this title.

With that being said, the graphics were by no means bad. There's a really big variety of enemies and CGs you can find in shrift, and each CG has some sort of animation or another. Really impressive stuff considering the games scale. Though, at times it can be a bit hard to tell what's going on in each attack

With looks aside, I can now talk about the gameplay. Boy is it interesting. At first sight it looks just like a generic RPG - but wait, there's more! Throughout the game you have to chose options that adequately manage both your lust and health (to name the aspects generically), while also carefully choosing offensive options. On top of that, you'll find yourself struggling against enemy attacks through quicktime events. Fail to escape and you'll be trapped!

Now we get to the part of the review where every developer hates me. The critique!

There isn't that much wrong with this game, especially considering the very cheap retail price of 660 JPN. The only qualm I have with this title, for the price, is the language barrier. At the beginning, I tried playing shrift with my poor JLPT N5 level Japanese. I think I kept dying to the first enemy, Bargest, at least a dozen times before I got frustrated.

Afterwards, I managed to find a translation, imported it into my game folder (which was a bit finicky) then finally understood how to play. Henceforth, all was good (except for an access panel you need to know the code for. I was paying no attention to the story and got stuck for a little while.)

All in all, a really good title for the price. It's got a lot of content so I've left some of my favourite in the video on the right. Enjoy!