• Aki


Updated: Jul 24, 2020

SHIRO NO YAKATA: paizuri, life drain sex


From the looks of it, SHIRO NO YAKATA is a game that handles platforming reverse ryona and femdom with a more survival-horror type feel.

I like it.

You can instantly tell this is a game by Zell from his unique artstyle and features his amazing pixel animations in similar fashion to those we can see in Forest of the Blue Skin.

And with that, I have said everything positive I have to say about this game.

While playing it I couldn't help but compare it to FOBS. Maybe it's unfair - or maybe it is - but when I see a game creator like Zell make an almost perfect title like FOBS, I like to expect games of similar quality from the same developer. Unfortunately, SHIRO NO YAKATA seems like a straight downgrade from FOBS. Yes, the aesthetic is nicer. Yes, the levels are more intricate. But what about abilities? What about breaking free? What about combat? I mean we know we're gonna lose any way but it's more fun when you have all those options at your disposal.

For whatever reason, SHIRO NO YAKATA disposes of those, but unlike some survival-horror games (there are a few where you're completely helpless like in SNY), disposing of those features just makes the game less enjoyable, in my humble opinion.

It's an interesting project and has potential, I just wish Zell would have included this as an expansion to FOBS instead of a standalone title with less gameplay mechanics. D'oh!