• Aki


Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Eroico: paizuri, sex, masturbation, magic


I have quite a history with the game, I would say.

Eroico was one of the first h-games I ever played that kind of bridged the border between reverse ryona and the kind of stuff they sell on DLSite.

Made by Kyrieru, this title undoubtedly has some fantastic graphics. The pixel art is amazing and he actually redid all of the animations - I remember the old ones weren't bad at all but they were sometimes unclear or a little awkward. The ones he made in the final product are not only drawn better, but also boast a whole 60 frames of glorious animation! At least I think it is... and if it isn't it fools me and still looks nice.

As I said, Eroico was one of the first h-games I ever played and I found it really great. Looking back now, I can see my tastes have gotten much more picky.

The gameplay is smoother than butter just like the animations, but where this game lacks is gameplay mechanics. I'm definitely being picky but I would have loved to see some consequences to being attacked! Sure, you can get hit and lose a quarter heart container, but what about during ero? I can get knocked down by a catgirl (I thought they were bunnies at the start! I still find them very cute however) go make myself a sandwhich and I'll have come back to my character who's shot a gallon out of his 'love canon' with nothing to show!

All that being said I can see Eroico is a well constructed game. Though sex may not outright kill you, being sexed after death permits an animation, and on the death screen you get a nice drawn CG of the enemy who just knocked you dead. Finally, the enemy variation is quite enjoyable too. Their attacks are varied and go from basic melee to jumping melee (the vampire girls), spells, and flying.

Overall, I'd say it's worth a play if you can. As always, download link goes to DLSite, and creator will go to Kyrieru's own website. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did the first time I played!