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Castle of Temptation

Castle of Temptation: footjob, paizuri, life drain, sex, hardcore, masturbation

Hello all, I am sure you are used to hearing this, but I am back. Still not dead (unlike our main character in the following game) !

I think Castle of Temptation is one of those types of games that blows me away just by the look. I came across it, like a do a lot of my titles, in video format. When I saw the thumbnail I was really impressed by the art style, not to mention it was a platformer. But when I saw the thumbnail I feared it was a normal ryona game - not so.

In this Castle of Temptation we play a slim, red-haired protagonist by the name of... er, well we're never really told. But what the hell that doesn't matter! Not when we've just signed up to take part in a test where we are locked in a castle filled with sexy succubi. Awesome! But there is one catch: you cannot come in any of them. If you do, you'll have all or a large part of your health drained away, before you die. And another thing, you can't masturbate. Relieving yourself must be done only through a coochie in the wall (aka a wall coochie) or dangerous wild coochie you find around the palace. One more dangerous, but more satisfactory, than the other.

Now let's talk about gameplay. Gameplay usually plays a large part of whether a h-game is creative or not. The gameplay in COT isn't super innovative, but it is a platformer so I'll let it slide. Besides, it has everything you may need: struggle mechanics, life drain and interesting ways in which the characters body interacts with his so-called "enemies".

Speaking of, let's talk about animations. My word, this is where the game shines. This game was fashioned by none other than the amazing Poring (who I need to make a creator profile for, by the way, amazing work on your second game, Poring!). So, the sprites and animations represent those in Attack it! Devil Legion, another one of his games. While Attack it!... lacked a male PC, COT combines that, and amazing animations together to make a fantastic product. You've got maids who give you boobjobs, a female devil king who has a sex off with you (obviouslly a hard boss battle), a jester that turns you into a dildo, and even a female that does that thing on you from parasite, if you're into that kind of thing.

Look, if Castle of Temptation got me off my lazy behind to write a review, then you know it's worth a look at. Please go support Poring on Patreon (link on download button) his work is fantastic and far beyond anything I would ever dream of, my hat goes off to him


• Struggle mechanics

• Unique, broad variety of enemies

• Beautiful graphics

Beautiful animations

Easy to play, easy to learn


• Only one unique mini-game (dance off)


GAMEPLAY: 9/10 SPRITES: 10/10 VARIATION: 10/10 STORY: 2/10


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