• Aki

Forest of the Blue Skin (ぶるーすきんの森)

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

FOREST OF THE BLUE SKIN: Trample, footjob, blowjob, life drain sex, vore


Wow! This game - FOREST OF THE BLUE SKIN - words can't describe how good of an experience it was to play it.

FOBS is a 2d, pixel-platformer game made by none other than the amazing Zell999 (and no I was not paid to say that). There isn't much story to it so for those who watch hentai and such for story: I am very sorry to disappoint. However the gameplay, graphics, content and mechanics all make up for it by far.

Playing through the game, you will be assaulted left right and centre by a variety of monster girls. Others prefer to sit still and bide their time. Regardless, when you're caught you'll have to swiftly mash keys to fill up an escape bar or face being sucked dry, fucked to death, digested, or all simultaneously!



• Huge selection of different enemies

• Illustrated CGs avalible on Zell's blog

• Struggle mechanics

• Unique attacks for each enemy


• No story

• Slow updates



GAMEPLAY: 9.5/10 SPRITES: 10/10 VARIATION: 9/10 STORY: 0/10